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      Cinema Makeup School, Los Angeles, CA (October 27, 2008 - March 13, 2009)
            Master Makeup & Digital FX Courses Completed
      University of Minneosta Duluth, Duluth, MN (2003 - 2007)
            Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Theater with an emphasis in Makeup Design


      "Sinister" (2012) (feature, HD) special makeup effects technician
      "Underworld: Awakening" (2012) (feature, HD) special effects technician
      "Area 51" (2012) (feature, HD) special makeup effects technician
      "The Tale of the Heroine and the Cad" (2012) (short, HD) key makeup artist, special effects and hair artist
      "Sweet Pea" (2012) (feature, HD) makeup, special effects makeup and hair artist
      "Justice is Served" (2012) (short, HD) makeup and hair artist
      "Halfway to a Blackout Trailer" (2011) (video short, HD) makeup artist
      "The Rainy Days of Timothy Grey" (2011) (short, HD) makeup and hair artist     
      "Random Encounters" (2010) (feature, HD) hair artist
      "Death and Cremation" (2010) (feature, HD) makeup department head
      "Phase Two" (2010) (feature, HD) special makeup effects artist
      "Dead Meadow Three Kings" (2010) (feature) makeup artist, body painter
      "Sutures" (2009) (feature, HD) assistant makeup artist
      "Closing Time (2010) (short, HD) key makeup artist
      "The Greatest Adventure" (2009) (student short, 35mm) key makeup artist
      "Z" (2009) (USC student short) special makeup effects artist
      "Katrina" (2009) (student short, 35mm) key makeup and special makeup effects artist
      "Ugly" (2009) (short, HD) key makeup and special makeup effects artist
      "Sinister" (2008) (short) key makeup artist

      "Green Arrow" (2012) (TV series, promo shoot) key special effects makeup artist
      "True Blood" (2012) (TV series) (makeup effects technician - 4 episodes)
            - "And When I Die" (2011)
            - "Soul of Fire" (2011)
            - "I'm Alive and on Fire" (2011)
            - "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?" (2011)
      "Date-A-Human" (2010) (web series) key special effects makeup
      "Coke Commercial Spec" (2010) (commercial, HD) key makeup artist
      "The Brande Roderick Show" (2010) (tv pilot) key makeup artist
      "Craig's Pissed" (2010) (webisode) key makeup artist
            - Pilot (2010) (one with the snow globe)
            - Episode 2 (2010) (one with the rug)
      "Echo Mobile Marketing Solutions" (2009) (infomercial, HD) key makeup artist
      "Status HDTV" (2009) (web commercial, HD) makeup artist
      "Ghost Girls" (2009) (tv, pilot, HD) key makeup artist
      "Inside the Business of Acting with Brad Lemark" (2008) (on-demand & online interview segments) key makeup artist
            - Kate Linder (The Young and the Restless)
            - Sandra Tsing Loh (writer/performer)
            - Karen Hoffman Wilson (industry business woman)

Music Video:

      "Shinedown" 'The Crow and The Butterfly' (2010) swing hair and makeup artist
      "Kaya" 'Can't get you out of my mind' (2010) Key makeup and hair artist
      "A Rocket to the Moon" 'Like We Use To ' (2010) assistant makeup and hair artist
      "HCR - Hot Chelle Rae" 'I Like to Dance' (2009) assistant makeup artist
            -Cameo by Stephanie Pratt, assistant makeup artist
      "Miss May I" 'Forgive and Forget' (2009) special makeup effects artist
      "Alphanaut" (2009) special makeup effects artist
      "Bijou" 'Two Bottles' (2009) makeup and special effects makeup artist, hair stylist

Fashion Show/Photo shoot:

      "Megan Hilty" Actress, Broadway singer (2011) (Comic Con) makeup artist, hair stylist
      "Sir Patrick Stewart" Actor/Director/Producer (2011) (Comic Con) makeup artist
      "Bonne Radford" Producer (2011) (Comic Con) makeup artist
      "Gina Brown" Actress (2011) (head shots) makeup and hair artist
      "Kloe" Singer/songwriter (2010) (photo shoot) makeup and hair stylist
      "Michael O'Rouke" 'Love Your Hair' NH8 Adam Bouska photo shoot (2010) tattoo makeup artist
      "John Beasley" Jazz musician (2009) (photo shoot) makeup artist
      "Zach Pizza" Actor (2009) (head shots) makeup artist
      "The Art Institute 2009 Annual Student Fashion Show" (2009) (student fashion show) makeup and hair stylist
      "Maha" Bride (2009) (wedding consultation) makeup and hair stylist
      "Jay eM Photography" (2009) (swimsuit photo shoot) makeup and hair stylist
      "Maha" Bride (2009) (engagement photo shoot) makeup and hair stylist
      "Art Meets Fashion Show" by Sheena Mi Lee (2009) makeup artist
      "The Art of Elysium" (2009) (Festival for children with bone marrow transplants) volunteer face painter
      "Supa Star Fashion Show" (2009) (LA fashion week) hair stylist
      "MykeD Photography" (2009) (Nikole photo shoot) makeup and hair stylist
            -Laura Lieffring (2009) (model) makeup and hair stylist
      "Blake Houge" Actor (2009) (head shots) makeup artist


      "CMS Special Effects Competition" (2008) Won 1st place in October, 2008 competition out of 37 CMS (Cinema Makeup School) students for tree creature design and application.

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